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is part of Critical Context, an initiative founded in 2017 by practitioners and academicians across Indonesian cities to develop architecture pedagogy in Indonesia. dua studio is unit Jakarta 02, 15-26 July 2019 unfamiliar-familiar When we stumble upon the facade of a house, usually we perceive the general glimpse of the facade itself, yet we tend to miss its small, possibly interesting details. Above is an example of how humans get lost in the idea of generality, thus missing the chance to find and identify unfamiliar information within a familiar object. The opposite happens when we choose oranges or apples in the market, we have to observe the object closer and pay attention to many details. The distance between our eye and the object becomes something interesting about how we can understand and interpret the object. Then, if we see the object on a much bigger scale, what will we see? Could we understand further about the object? In Critical Context 2019, unit Jakarta 02 focuses on exploration of representation (media studies). Reference: Eames, Charles and Ray. (1977). The Powers of Ten. Hall, Edward T. (1966). The Hidden Dimension. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday Highlights from the workshop: 1 Serbuuu by Talula Fidelia 2 Knock-knock, who is there, Time by Nadya Winaga 3 The Journey of Cakwe by Ellyshia Candra Workshop participants: Nadya Winaga, Kanza Fachriza, Novan Naufal, Radiva Nabila, Susanty Lau, Ellyshia Candra, and Talula Fidelia

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