vertical monopoly

Since the beginning of human civilization, verticality has been used to represent the social hierarchy, as totem of significant power and social status. Something strong. What if the weak, the fragile, and something soft are to be represented by verticality? This is a collection of delicate vertical lines that want to monopolize the creation of space. Vertical lines that want to give a sensation of spatial depth, weight, shape, and characters. They are striving in the ambiguity. One seems to be stiff but trembles, one is looking for existence, and some will make us doubt the human scale. Using only paper, we are playing with the abstraction of verticality and its intangible quality. . dua studio for On Paper - a colorplan exhibition in collaboration with RJ Paper, curated by Each Other Company. Exhibition period - 29.10-17.11.2018 - 10:00-22:00 at Rubanah Underground Hub . Design and production team : ardy hartono kurniawan, adwitya dimas satria, yohei uchino, wilusty tengara, marco victorio, melissa tjioeputri.

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