the act of sitting . is a collaboration between kezia alyssa and dua studio with talula fidelia and marco victorio, a performance and installation for odyssey opening at artotel sanur, bali, 10.10.2019 . selah . The exact meaning of the word is not known, but there are various interpretation: in liturgic-musical mark or instruction to read text, and something that indicate a break: “Stop and Listen” “Pause and think of that” in our daily routine, perhaps, sit is one of the embodiment, mani- festation of pause . Choreography we tried to explore and emphazise sitting, as a simple movement/ gesture that we usually neglect, in between our routine. An opportunity to rethink our relation with ground, with gravity, with- in some coreography that is divided into 4 chapter, stories about our body and the ground, in the horison of sitting. It is about reclining ourselves, about experiencing the slower pace, to pause, to listen, to think, to observe the others and surroundings. . Installation the idea was to create an atmosphere for one simple act: sitting. What if we enhance the horison/ human eye level in sitting positions using a large yet subtle horizontal plane, creates a new atmosphere and experience below the level of 1.2 meters.

© dua 2015