preparing a house for playing

Merit Prize the 47th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition Living Upon The Play 2020 Preparing a house for playing 1 Qualities of imagination when we try to play is different compared to that of a child, where they can be more free with their imaginations. An imagination that is, perhaps, without considering any rationality, scale, or perception that we usually have as we become more and more materialized into reality. Imagine a scene, where a child asks his father to play with him in different spaces in their house. the child will prepare the space for them based on his story and imagination To pursue this imagination, perhaps we do not need to intervene a lot, not too much, maybe it is not necessary to create something new, maybe it is already there, depends on how we see things and space. If only we can see these things as well, maybe our way to see life will be different. 2 when the father sees a stack of boxes, the child climbs upon the rocks; when the father sees a table, the child sees hiding that is available; when the father sees a bathtub, the child sees a huge water bubble; when the father sees a bedroom, the child sees tons of adventures; when the father sees a garden, the child sees a jungle; Those are the play and imagination of scale, perception, function, light, sequence, experience, and a lot of joy. Sometimes, perhaps we need another perspective, or an extra pinch of imagination, just like a child. team: Ardy Hartono Kurniawan, Adwitya Dimas Satria, Wilusty Tengara, Ellyshia Candra, Nadya Winaga -the original submission printed in A2 size, each drawing in 1:75 scale

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