a dancing door

Morgy Coffee at Kumulo X . What if a door can possibly divide spaces and activities, on top of its primary function of separating and connecting two spaces? . Besides supporting its main program (a coffee shop: Morgy), the door and its possibilities can also open up chances of integrating the coffee shop with other activities. At certain times, the flow of activity and space can be more flexible and free. This approach becomes intriguing since Morgy is recognized as a coffee shop that never operates alone and is always integrated with other programs: gallery, art and design shop, event, music, and many more . In this case, we lengthened the dimension of a door; dividing it into different segments and modules, depending on their respective functions. . This long door extends diagonally in the existing site, dividing it into two sections: an indoor area, and a semi-outdoor area that faces a yard . Encounter with site Since this is an interior project, the encounter of our design with existing conditions always brings up our interest and response. We left the existing walls, floor, and ceiling as it is. A simple volume rests above the door, meeting the existing elements as little as possible. The volume acts as a wrap for hiding electrical and cooling systems while accompanying the (long) door as a dominant element of the design. . The door s movements become diverse. Some segments could be folded. A large one swings, the other one slides, folds and slides, and some stay still . When the door parts move at the same time, its pattern of movement (seen from above, two-dimensional) becomes interesting, for an instant, it may look like someone s movements when dancing . Moving, sliding, swinging, from one point to another, making way for spaces and scenarios . design team: ardy hartono, jessica lee, with dennis pranata and jennifer sidharta construction: pak juned and friends . assemble: 2022 dismantle: 2023 the furniture, bar table, kitchen equipment, and the very long door are kept in a safe place, and soon will return in other situations.

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