a box with possibilities

a study about storing . since our childhood, we like to keep things, sometimes in a secret box. The project started when we were asked to design a storage. We questioned ourselves: the idea about storing, how people store, why people store, how is the storage, and so on and so forth. There are occasions/incidents that occurred in the ideation: - a scene from Mr. Bean the series: when he was about to pack everything to small luggage, have to cut everything to smaller pieces so all can fit, but then actually he has bigger luggage. Then we realize that scale matters because it will define the size. - old steel box, old luggage, a box of crackers, even a matchbox. These boxes were treated (designed) with a lot of thought about details, opening, function, use, finishing, handling, etc. We realize that typology of storage can be defined from the size and its type of opening The shapes and systems are totally defined by their function, intended use, and space efficiency factor. In this case, if the user and use may vary, maybe having some possibilities would be a content approach. Then we came up with the idea of developing a simple box with doors that have different sizes, that relate to a different use. This storage is an extension of a house, close to its service area, located in a contoured ground, with trees. The box sits under a big tree. The box has the possibilities of different opening/ door width: 20 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, 210 cm, 270 cm The idea grows into questions about what else that is also possible to be stored, when, how big, how small, how temporary, how permanent, and so on and so forth. Perhaps this space can also store and accommodate some activities, now or in the future . This is a study of the possibilities, and how to store. completed in Bandung, 2020 . . photo by: jonathan gahari and dua studio

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