- A Private Session with Nature - Carrara thermal bath Competition entry - Rethinking competition - 2016 on top of white quarry landscape, how if there is a space to contemplate, about us and nature to live in harmony. Silence The proposal is to design a space that could stimulate a relax and calm feeling to the visitor, as well as to stimulate the awareness of senses - see, feel the nature. A space that could bring a silent atmosphere, and frame the beauty of nature. Initial Ideas The ideas starts from being serene with nature. Creating a simple marble box, small footprints, not to stand out but blend with the existing marble landscape. Intimacy with nature A private session with nature. Bringing the scale 1 to 1 between nature and visitor. Space experiences The idea is to create a variation of experiences about feeling the water, texture, temperature, and also the water depth to bring unique experiences to the visitor. Visitor will approach to a small hole inside a marble box, that bring them into a very enclosed to an open exposure space, gradation and contrast from dark to bright. Contemplate and rethink our relation with nature.

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