a sanctuary in monsanto . 1st prize winner - arkXsite competition - July 2017 . a volume, space, that tend to remind of something, about Monsanto history and nature/ environment. a serene place to reflect that connects with sense and unique experience. The new intervention placed side by side with the ruin of St. John’s Chapel, not to stand out but try to respect and create a unique relationship with the ruin and environment. The new building designed by using the ruin as starting point, the volume is something new that comes from a reflection and also abstraction from the ruin. Proportion of existing arch and wall used as a base to create the new volume and footprint. BUILDING EXPRESSION - REMINISCENCE TO MONSANTO HISTORY The new volume is light, contrast but calm, adapting proportion from the ruin so it can evoke some characteristic that remind us to the Chapel. SPACE CHARACTERISTIC - REMINISCENCE TO MONSANTO UNIQUE NATURE The unique experience of walking and being in between the huge boulders become a base to create the atmosphere inside the sanctuary. The space / void inside building are an abstraction that remind us to the feeling when we are in between boulders. The atmosphere, experience is like being inside a cave, in between solid volume and materials. INSIDE THE SANCTUM - A PLAY OF SOLID AND VOID The inner sanctum is designed by creating a huge exposure to the sky, to present human scale, play with light and shadow - to evoke the intangible quality inside the space. . . design team dimas satria | ardy hartono wilusty tengara | stella thamrin

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