correspondence between the thick and the thin

participation for Parahyangan Architecture Festival (FAP) - Archaic Space Having conversation with old architectural atmosphere in Bandung colonial building / area is probably like hearing or having a resonance with its physical and spatial elements. That is a multisensory experience through large double window, high proportion of space, something echoing, dusty, smells like moss, etc. It is our perception through the spatial structure and quality, something that can be perceived but also what can be screened out. It is about what is happening inside the space, the human territory that are made in between the walls. The Dutch depend on thick walls and double windows to screen sound and set their spatial territory, something private. In contrast, the people of Sunda using only bamboo webbing, wind and voice can absorb inside the space, a different perception of private. What will happen if we see and feel those two contrast quality at the same time? We try to respond the issue of conservation and heritage building from the other perspective, more simple. What if respecting heritage building is not always in pragmatic ways, perhaps we can start from something small, simple. Minimal intervention that is very thin and almost invisible. The idea is to create an abstraction from a site specific character of De Vries. Perhaps not in general, but a simple element, something that could give a subtle contrast to our perception when we look to its spatial character, maybe started from a line. Thick arch and curve, one of the dominant element that create De Vries space, abstracted into an almost invisible line, using thin wire. Perhaps our perception will be distracted, perhaps we will see the existing building from the different way and perspective, when we feel the correspondence in between the thick and the thin. ( team ardy hartono, dimas satria, melissa tjioe, pasha yusuf )

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