imagining a city without architecture . a collaboration with ella pininta . participation in Urban Utopia art exhibition held by PSA Parahyangan University Bandung, the exhibition starts from 22th April 2017 until the 29th at Dago Tea House Gallery Bandung. . . . the show of the future is in an empty theater - Yves Klein, 1959 . void as utopia right now it is solid and void - positive and negative what if it is only void - the neutral . the bubble space imagine people inside a bubble - do we always aware and realize about the distance between people? in less density area, bubble radius can be 1-2 meters, in super dense area, the radius can reach 5-10 centimeters. . this idea of void as utopia started from our interest in density. Maybe a void could make us stop a bit and think, redefine and rethink again our pace and life. Like find an empty paper or canvas. . we try to represent this idea through an installation of 1500 human paper miniature in 1:100 scale

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