How thin is it? Is it sturdy? Will it break under a certain amount of pressure? What is underneath? How would it feel if we could step on it? Floor is a fundamental element in spatial creation. How much should we intervene? This study invites us to reconsider, rethink the ideas of floor: its roles and its characters. We modify the floor into a series of elevated thin planes. The frail and thin nature of the new floor creates a new awareness about space in the absence of objects and humans. This intervention intensifies the presence of the floor, and maybe changes the way we see the space. . . The Floor will be exhibited at Galeri Ruang Dini from 5th until 20th November 2021, as part of Bandung Design Biennale 2021: Excavate. . . The Floor will be a showcase of site-specific, interventional, spatial, and discourse constructions by using the floor as a medium of work. . . Floor aluminium foil nylon string ca. 450 x1000 cm2 area coverage constructed manually by hand for about 3 days . design&installation team: Nadya Winaga, Jessica Lee, Wilusty Tengara, and Ardy Hartono

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