4 x 6 x 6

a house / space in Bandung . This is an exploration of living experience in a small house in a high density environment. If only we could minimize or blur the boundary between program, perhaps we can perceive a new perspective and intimacy. If only we could redefine the openness and closure towards the surroundings, how big the window is, how tall the fence is, how we would like to see the passerby, the neighbor. Scenario 1 - From the Inside This is a 4x6x6 m3 space. Enhancing the idea of here and there, a visual connection and interaction within a certain distance and level difference. Programs and privacy are separated using different level and point of view, instead of using wall and partition. This no-wall situation could set up a roomy and flexible space, and at the same time creates a particular experience and intimacy. Scenario 2 - Framing the Outside Situation and activities outside are framed using various square windows that lead to different directions and views. This various openings allow unique interactions with neighbors and passer-by. . completed 2018 . design team: ardy hartono kurniawan, adwitya dimas satria, wilusty tengara, marco victorio . construction: yodi juliardi + fx nugraha aji , pak ayi, pak acep and friends structure: hermanto subagijo landscape: dadan kebon . photograph: jonathan aditya gahari, william sutanto contributor: sena chair by theodora inez josephine, monoxparmo001 by marco victorio

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