then and now

Poveglia Art University Young Architects Competition - University Island - 2016 Competition Entry Then and Now Before, it was an abandoned island with dense bushes and wild trees, make it untouchable to human. Now, it is time to bring back the "lost" pieces of Venice lagoons by giving new identity and soul on the island Initial Ideas The idea is to revitalize the island by creating an art university that could gain attention and also connect with Venice art and tourism atmosphere. The nature and uniqueness of Poveglia also has a lot of potential inspirations to students or visitors that come and inhabit the new art atmosphere in the island. Space Characteristic The space organization is initially inspired by the experience when people wandering in nature. Curiosity, surprise elements, freedom. The form is designed as simple as possible, by creating learning spaces under one roof, but the experiences inside is organic and free, which also has a potential of giving inspirations and provide unique activity space to students. This organic organization surrounded by transparent wall that allows user to have a visual connection to the beautiful panoramic view. Building Expression The new campus building is designed with thin and light expression. Translucent facade become the window and showcase of the art and activity inside. The idea is also to create contrast between the old and new building in bright and calm ambience. Preserve and Revitalize General idea of the island is to preserve and revitalize by adding new public function to the old building /ruin area. This functions and events invite people and tourist to come to the island (beside the students), to experience the new and unique atmosphere. Space Experience - Adventure in the Island The idea is to create a space that inspired by nature of the island itself. Students and visitors will experience the space as if they are wandering in an island. Dynamic circulation, space in between, and different expression of each chamber, are some characters and elements that emphasize the space experience

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