one box seems to be enough

a box with possibilities (2) . maybe: a kitchen maybe can move as well . Kinds of stuff and equipment in a simple kitchen usually are numerous and varied. Could those fit in one box only? Perhaps the box should be able to be approached from every direction and offers the possibility of having openings, storage, and function on its five sides, at least. Perhaps ½ area is for cooking, ¼ area for preparation, ¼ area for plating/serving, it is not 100% ideal but hopefully could fit the essentials. Sometimes it is a kitchen, on some other occasions maybe it is a storage box or a working station, that could move-follow us to different places. This 70x120x80 cm3 volume is the continuation of the ‘box with possibilities’ study, which is a smaller-scale box in the form of a mobile kitchen. . completed 2023 . designed for Indah and Dito . design team: ardy hartono nadya winaga with dennis pranata . metalworks by Pak Juned & team . photo session with Jason Hari & nice car! studio

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